The Female Surfer Paradox


A surf teacher at Surf Sisters school in Tofino, B.C., instructs students.

By Judi Zienchuk

Images courtesy of Surf Sister

The world of surf is a land full of sun, sand and waves – void of all worries. It’s a tight-knit community that spans several generations with young surfers (groms) beginning their careers before their seventh birthday and old-timers still catching waves at 93-years-young. It includes writers, photographers and film crews.

With all of this involvement, one area of the industry’s still lagging behind: the world of women surfers. Even in cities like Tofino, British Columbia, which has one of the highest numbers of female surfers per capita on the planet and is the birthplace of surf schools like Surf Sister that promote gender equality, surfing is still “very much a boy’s game.”

“When I first started out, they didn’t even make wetsuits and equipment for girls,” says Surf Sister’s…

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